Writing Jig-Saw Puzzles

Everyone, at some time or other in their life, builds a jig-saw puzzle. Not in the sense of actually manufacturing a puzzle, however, but placing the pieces to form a whole picture. Some puzzles are simple, and only require a short time to complete. In contrast, complex puzzles need considerable study time in order to […]


On Being An Addict

One of the great joys of my life is my fur babies. Billie girl, the rescue kitty. Banjo, the baby momma. And Ebon, the boy wanderer. Three cats, all with distinct personalities, all with individual wants and needs. Once or twice a week, in the morning after they eat breakfast, I give them catnip for […]


The Other Half

It’s common knowledge that a writer has more than one job. I’m not talking about delivery work or flipping hamburgers to help pay the bills. No. Your writing career has two halves: the actual writing, and the actual marketing when the writing is done. As professional writers, we are accustomed to thinking that all we […]