On Writing

This page has links to articles I have written. A few editorials, several treatises on commercial writing, and one or two on the art of writing. I will add more articles, as time permits.

All are free to download and utilize in whatever way you see fit. If you repost them on your own website, proper acknowledgements are expected and deserved.

Writing Gigs – A treatise on getting “gigged” by your writing.

The Ebb and Flow of Writing, Part 1 – Dealing with the tides of the writing art.

The Ebb and Flow of Writing, Part 2 – More on dealing with the tides….

Getting the Message Out – Fourteen major advertising methods for writers of every ilk.

One Fencepost at a Time – A how-to for overcoming writing stagnancy.

By Design: Author and Writer Websites – Every writer needs one, but…