Return To Sender

Every writer has days where nothing seems to go right. Ideas won’t come, words don’t get written, story-telling gets put-off, for whatever kinds of justification (it’s a rainy day; the relatives are coming; the cats need food, etc.). Mental chaos, in other words. Maybe it’s because you’re over “stuffed.” You already have way too much […]


Muscle Memory

The process is commonly known in the sports world as “muscle memory.” A phenomenon not limited to athletes, writers engage in very similar practices in order to excel at their craft. Storytelling, whether faction or fiction, uses the same principles. Training through exercising—writing—testing, adjusting, and exercising—rewriting—again. Top athletes train for long hours in a concerted […]


Give It A Rest

I’ve heard a few writers offer the advice, “Write something, every day, without fail.” While their intentions are good, the logic behind the advice is bad. In that respect I disagree with the principle. During the early stages of my writing career, I took that kind of advice to heart. After all, these were writers […]