In The Beginning


In The Beginning by Frank Walters ClarkWhen giants roamed the planet… On a nearby planet called Ki, Annunaki Heroes discover a source of gold for Nibiru’s atmospheric repairs. The newest generation of Annunaki Kings, half-brothers Ea and Lil reluctantly agree to establish gold mining operations After centuries of digging the ores, the royal blood Annunaki miners rebel against their forced labor.

A new race of beings is created on Ki. Slaves, common workers, their place is society is unquestioned and untested. But control of the population of Ki becomes a serious point of contention between the Royals, specifically between the half-brothers, Ea and Lil.

Skirmishes turn to wars, first on Nibiru and then spill over on to Ki. An ancient powerful weapon soon delivers a horror of unimaginable proportions to Ki, and the Annunaki abandon the planet and flee for the safety of their home planet Nibiru.

They will come back to Ki, but not for thousands of years. The survivors on Ki eventually forget the Annunaki ever existed. But soon, they will remember…

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