Return To Sender

Every writer has days where nothing seems to go right. Ideas won’t come, words don’t get written, story-telling gets put-off, for whatever kinds of justification (it’s a rainy day; the relatives are coming; the cats need food, etc.).

Mental chaos, in other words.

Maybe it’s because you’re over “stuffed.” You already have way too much stuff to think about, and cannot possibly entertain another story idea at the moment.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking its writers’ block. It’s not. It’s a different kind of writers’ morass, a mental situation where you’re not really blocked, you’re just unable to take your Muse’s delivery.

All of it leading to uncharacteristic behavior. You were supposed to do this today, and completely forgot. Maybe the bank closed, and you were only seconds away from the front door, and you start screaming at the top of your lungs. Or someone grabbed the last half gallon of Rocky Roads ice cream just as you arrived at the ice cream freezer, and you stand there glaring and saying words you don’t normally say, as if that person just murdered your dog.

You need to activate the return to sender option. Your Muse will understand. After all, it’s not like there aren’t a gadgillion (as my friend, *Alouishus B. Hound, likes to say) other ideas out there, waiting to be explored.

It’s not so easy, though, forcing yourself to opt for refusing a delivery. Especially when the idea may have been your next blockbuster story.

Learning how to opt out though, could be a game changer, pressing the “return to sender” button and refusing the delivery. Possibly the best thing you can do at this moment in time because you need, more than anything else, to bring a sense of order back into your life.

So go somewhere and relax, hit the button, clear everything off your schedule. Have your favorite drink or food (maybe not ice cream), turn on your favorite music or movie, or anything to occupy your crowded mind.

Before you know it, the chaos will dissolve, the world will return to its proper order, and you will be free to begin anew on another day. There is absolutely nothing in your life that is more important than your mental and spiritual well-being.

That’s what it means to activate your “return to sender” option.

*From The Quite Remarkable Tales of Professor Cooper T. Cat and Alouishus Blood Hound – Book 1: Only The Nose Knows, by Frank Walters Clark

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