Persistence of Vision

Many early science fiction film producers utilized the phenomenon of persistence of vision. They were creating the illusion of movement in some of their non-human characters. Dinosaurs, for instance.

While the earliest attempts were crude and “stuttering” in motion, they got the job done. The amazing human mind is able to fill in the gaps where needed.

The same principle holds true for writers of fiction. Scenes need to be fluid, and should therefore lead the reader seamlessly from one event to the next.

Story flow

This ability to make a story flow takes years of practice to develop. Much like constructing a sentence—and a paragraph—with its own beginning, middle, and end, scene construction should use each one of these same elements from beginning through the middle and on to the end of every story.

The theme, the links, the interconnections between scenes that make it possible, therefore, that’s what makes a story flow.

Persistence of vision.

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