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When I was a kid living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, one of my favorite after school pastimes was swimming and hanging out with my friends at one of the cypress tree-populated local lakes around the neighborhood. Only a few of those lakes had publicly accessible shorelines and, if they had docks, they typically were privately owned and usually off limits to us kids.


The Ebb and Flow of Writing: Part 1

Among the first items up for discussion when I am consulting with a new client, especially one who is a relative newcomer to the field of writing, are:

“I know that I’m supposed to write every day, but how do I maintain the momentum? How do I keep writing, even when I run out of ideas?”


The Ebb and Flow of Writing: Part 2

In memory of Roger Dale Walters (2-28-49/7-16-14)

In Part 1 of The Ebb and Flow of Writing, I wrote:

The flip side—the ebb—of creative writing is that there will be times when it seems that nothing will come. This too is an important phase in the art of creation, since being a creative writer also requires rest and relaxation.

Little did I know at that time that life would come crashing down around me with the death of my dear brother, Roger, and that my writing would take a sustained hit. This article fell to the wayside, as did much of my work on my second novel in the Jazz Malone series, titled, Lie Down with Cellos and Nightshade.


Getting the Message Out: Fourteen Major Advertising Methods

While this article was written for commercial endeavors, the specifics deal equally as well for writers of every ilk.

(No order of importance)

Word-of-mouth ~ Not enough can be said about the power of word-of-mouth advertising. One of, if not the most viral methods of advertising, word-of-mouth, contains all the best elements of classical advertising: customer product or service endorsement; customer familiarity with product or service location; customer preference for return sales, among others. Note: if your product or service is lacking, this will work against you, so make a point of meeting and satisfying your customers’ wants and needs.


One Fencepost At A Time

In a recent conversation with a friend, the topic of discussion concerned how to finish a lengthy treatise on a specialized subject—chiropracty, in our case—when motivation runs low before the book is complete. In a field such as chiropracty, where physical strength and stamina play primary roles on a daily basis, full-time doctors/part-time authors often feel mentally and physically drained at the end of a workday.


By Design: Author and Writer Websites

Quite often, when the subject of websites comes up for discussion among writers and authors, someone will invariably remark, “who needs them?” or, “a website is way too much work;” and “I just don’t have time for it.” But the reality is, in today’s technology-driven marketplace, writers and authors cannot be truly competitive in any sense of the word without the aid of a website.