Writing As Art

The Other Half

It’s common knowledge that a writer has more than one job. I’m not talking about delivery work or flipping hamburgers to help pay the bills.

No. Your writing career has two halves: the actual writing, and the actual marketing when the writing is done.

As professional writers, we are accustomed to thinking that all we have to do is get the words down, edit it, and then pass it on, to an agent or a publishing company. But one part of being a professional is realizing that you have an obligation to your self to let the public know about your work

Otherwise, you may as well throw your manuscript in the bottom drawer of your desk (you do have a private place to work, don’t you?), and fageddaboudit.

It takes more than just producing a manuscript to succeed at the art of writing.


• Publishing on Amazon.com and then building links there to include on your pages. After all, it’s free to publish on Amazon, and once you publish your manuscript, they even provide the scripts through Amazon Associates (click here, My Amazon, to see how I did it). All you have to do is copy and paste the scripts to widgets—or a special page—on your website.

• Finding other writers with whom to link websites. We are many and we are strong! Why not join forces with like-minded artists?

• Attend conferences and hook-up with other writers. Form groups and start blogging with and for each other

• There are literally dozens of ways to get free or small fee advertising. Seek and you will find: search engines will produce more than you could ever possibly need.

Marketing and advertising doesn’t take a whole lot of your time away from your writing. It just takes persistence.

Just don’t ever quit. If you don’t do it for yourself, who will?

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