Writing As Art

The Writer’s Inner Voice

So often I am asked, where do you get your inspiration. I always reply that my inner voice is my source. The source of my inner voice is my higher power, if you believe in such things, which I do.

Some writers take a story idea and develop it with outlines and references and other “real world” tools to help the story grow. Most writers that I know use this method as it is a tried and true approach.

I take a different approach though, one I have used repeatedly with great success. Free flowing thought, stream of consciousness, whatever you call it, it is the same process.

For those of us who are spiritual, the Akashic Records are our source. Limitless ideas flow free and easy, once the writer is in the receptive mode. Either through meditation (my way), prayer, or through following a train of thought to its full development.

The environment in which you write plays a big part in getting in the receptive mode. For that reason, it should be a quiet place, with no outside distractions, no interruptions. Visually null, meaning no fancy wall plaques or decorations.

Finally, nothing that would take your mind off in any direction except to write down your ideas. Ride one train of thought to its full flowering. And, yes, ideas bloom, just like flowers.

Have you put out any buds lately?

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