From the Author’s Literary Works

Lie Down with Silk and Daggers

First in the Jazz Malone series.

You get a case and then things start going bad. Thing is, your client and her ancient Mayan dagger have disappeared. You do your best to track her down, and you discover a shady businessman is importing stolen artifacts. He’s angry about you messing in his affairs and sends goons to bend your head. Then, you get charged with murder and go to prison. And meet a really smart smuggler guy. While inside, the love of your life disappears. But, lucky for you, for some strange reason, your sentence gets commuted and you get back to investigating your case. After months of piling up disjointed details during your search, running all over creation, you finally tie a few things together. Names and places appear out of the fog. Justice is hard to come by, but you get it…finally.

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Relative Bearings

A collection of short fiction stories written by Frank Walters Clark, including mainstream, literary, scifi, horror, and a parable.

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In The Beginning

On a nearby planet called Ki, the Annunaki discover a source of gold, critical for Nibiru’s atmospheric repairs. After centuries of digging the ores, though, the royal blood Annunaki miners rebel against their forced labor.

Skirmishes turn to wars, first on Nibiru and then spill over on to Ki. An ancient powerful weapon soon delivers a horror of unimaginable proportions to Ki.

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The Quite Remarkable Tales of Professor Cooper T. Cat and Alouishus B. Hound - Book 1: Only the Nose Knows

If your children like cool adventure stories, pick up a copy of The Quite Remarkable Tales of Professor Cooper T. Cat and Alouishus B. Hound, Book One: Only the Nose Knows.In this fabulously fun story set on Catmandu Island, Professor Cooper Tom Cat discovers that his best friend, Alouishus Blood Hound, has lost his sense of smell.

The Professor and Al set out to investigate…

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